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Our transformational programs help your child build mastery over their emotional and social skills. We teach your child skills to adapt and thrive in all circumstances.

Do questions like these ever pop up in your head?

How can my child manage difficult emotions and stay focused?

Can my child learn to be more expressive and articulate?

Is it possible to teach my child self-regulation skills early on?

Can I nurture my child's emotional skills just like his cognitive skills?

Why does my child give up so easily and not use his full potential?

Your One-Stop Solution for Your Child's Social & Emotional Needs

Imagine a child who is aware of his or her own behavior, knows how to handle emotions, is assertive, and can communicate articulately. At SpringUP, we teach your child all these skills and more to equip them for life.

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Emotional Skills

Allow your child to identify, manage and express emotions.

Social and Interpersonal Skills

Allow your child to communicate effectively, build relationships and lead empathetically.

Cognitive Skills

Allow your child to think clearly, make sound choices and respond suitably in any situation.

How do we do it?

Our age-appropriate experiential programs are hands-on, fun, and designed for the children of today. Each learner is ensured a safe space and a community to explore and grow in. Our programs are deeply researched, tested, validated, and proven. Our programs are science-based and are designed around the 5 domains of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social Emotional Learning (SEL). 

Quick Springs

These are short video and activity-based self-paced modules that allow your child to learn on their own. These engaging videos ensure that your child learns essential social-emotional skills by just following the facilitator. Ideal for age group 5-9yrs.


This session teaches your child how to deal with a bad mood and choose their thoughts and emotions.

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This session teaches your child what respect practically looks and sounds like and why they need to use it.


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This session teaches your child how to deal with shyness in themselves or in a friend and learn skills to manage it.


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Our Story

Everything else can wait but childhood cannot!

The concept of SpringUP began with this understanding. For childhood is so fleeting, yet so powerful and impactful, with its learning and experiences lasting for a lifetime.

SpringUP evolved from a one-time workshop with children to a program that meets all aspects of social-emotional learning with an India-specific cultural context.

Anjali’s career spanning across journalism and training for corporate houses helped her recognize the need for Social Emotional Learning early.

SpringUP has played a key role in my daughter Moksha's emotional well-being. What impresses me is the beautifully curated courses, well-crafted activities, specificity of outcomes, and a flawless execution. Thank you SpringUP , Anjali, and the team for doing what you do. You are helping nurture wonderful human beings and that's laudable!

Sudha Bonsor

Mother of Moksha (9yr old)

Children at SpringUP up are fortunate. Their parents even more so. SpringUP's capacity to drive the well-needed points home is commendable. Lifetime learning is getting done with so much fun. Everything seems so colorful and joyful, but the subtle skills being taught are to be cherished and treasured. Looking forward to such life-changing programs for us adults too

Meenakshi Subramaniam

Mother of Anupama (12yr old)

Thank you Anjali and Team SpringUP for enriching my child's life with such wonderful experiences that she will always treasure and cherish. There is always such a lot of thought and effort that goes into every program. Thank you for taking so much care and looking into every aspect of the program. Thank you for what you do.

Suchitra Madan

Mother of Dhriti (12yr old)

At SpringUP, children experience the joy of learning. It’s not just about how much they have learnt, it’s about the fun and joy experienced during the process.
The structure of the program and guidance for children is great. In fact, when I speak, I can tell you that most of the parents feel the same way. The sessions were interactive and practical, as it always is with SpringUP. It is definitely a learning experience not just for the kids, but the parents too.

Sowmya Chirravuri

Mother of Yashaswi (12yr old)

What you are teaching is probably the foundation of all that kids would need in their future. You see many smart kids going out of schools and colleges but aren't resilient enough due to the lack of such exposure and this kind of education that they usually don't get in schools. Thank you SpringUP Leadership and Anjali for such an awesome curriculum and the way you impart these skills and knowledge is unparalleled. Thank you so much!

Jatin and Priya Chaudhary

Parents of Viyona (8yr old)

SpringUP has some of the best curated and inspiring programs for young minds. Thank you SpringUP for making our children more self-aware, resilient and igniting their curiosity. We are happy to see the confidence and awareness in our children increase with every session. The Peer Work, especially, teaches a lot. It has always been a great experience with SpringUP. You have seamlessly moved from the physical space to the online platform.

Sudheer and Aparna Joginpally

Parents of Rishva (12yr old) & Akshara (9yr old)


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