Leading with Conversations

Leading with Conversations is a social skills program that helps your child to effectively interact with the world. It teaches your child to speak, listen and interact with confidence and empathy in any social situation.

Help your child build Social Skills

Conversations are the windows to the world. Leading with Conversations is a social skills program that helps your child learn to effectively interact with the world around them. It teaches your child to speak, listen and build the capacity for empathetic conversations to build and contribute to meaningful relationships.

Good conversation skills allow you to collaborate, work effectively in teams and increase productivity. The ability to converse and interact with people individually and in diverse groups also helps build trust and a sense of community. It helps you adapt to new settings and understand changing scenarios and respond accordingly.

Leading with Conversations helps your child do that.

Program Features

Active Learning, Not Passive Viewing

Your child will practice the skills during the live sessions and work with experienced facilitators.

Learn with a Cohort of Peers

Your child will not be alone and will not just be a number. You will get to know your cohort and make friends for life.

Accountability and Feedback

You will receive immediate and specific constructive feedback on your learning path.

Access to Exclusive Resources

Your child will tap into a wealth of programs, events, and internships for alumni provided for the SpringUP Learner.

Live Projects and Assignments

Your child will be practically applying skills through projects and assignments.

Multiple Mediums of Learning

Uses multiple mediums like art, music, narrations, movement and more to keep learning engaging.

Thanks a lot to Team SpringUP. Sometimes we wonder whether the children are able to understand the depth of concepts that they are being introduced to. But we have really seen a lot of difference in Panyashree. She's able to understand the concepts that she's being taught in her SpringUP classes. Also, the confidence that we have seen in these children is really amazing.

Sreekrishna and Suseela

Parents of Panyashree (9)

My 8-year-old child Avanthika has been working with SpringUP for the past 3 years. She has completed almost all the Programs. I can see tremendous progress in her thinking, oracy, communication, her self-awareness, and ability to understand and express herself. SpringUP has the best program structure for Social-Emotional Learning. My child feels that her abilities and interests are identified, mentored, and appreciated! I appreciate how you work with the individual strengths of each child. She has the best mentor. Feeling Thankful.

Aarathi Dinesh

Mother of Avanthika (9)

SpringUP creates wonderful enriching experiences for kids. The workshops are very well organized in terms of thought as well as execution. Kids are taken through an amazing journey and there are meaningful takeaways of life lessons from each session. SpringUP certainly contributes in a big way, in shaping children and our future society as balanced individuals. Anjali is the ultimate life coach for kids. The value addition that you make to these kids' lives is so precious! Thank you!

Sirisree Dayanand

Mother of Dhruvika (9)

How do we do it?

Your child will be a part of 6 weeks of fun and practical learning. Our programs are designed for the children of today, helping them understand core concepts in a fun, engaging and easy to learn manner.

6 Weeks

Live Sessions

90-minute sessions

Small Batches

Experiential Learning

Practical Activities


Upcoming Batches

Leading with Conversation

Course Details  

  6 Weeks

  8-12 years old

  Starts in June


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