Mindful Leadership

The Mindful Leadership Program is an emotional intelligence and cognitive skills program that helps children partner with their brains to understand and manage emotions. It helps them build vital skills to navigate their life story successfully.

Helping Children Build Emotional and Cognitive skills in a fun way 

Children with higher emotional intelligence are better able to pay attention, are more engaged in school, have more positive relationships, and are more empathic. They are able to manage difficult emotions, adapt and problem solve better.

At the end of this program, your child will be able to recognize and understand the various aspects of emotions in self and others. They will be able to understand the need for coping skills and build their own coping mechanisms to manage difficult emotions in tough situations.

They will learn how the brain works, and understand the various aspects of the brain and how it influences emotions, behavior, and decision-making. This self-awareness and application of skills help them build better perseverance and resilience skills that result in better performance in school, relationships, and in life. It is an active skill-based program with multiple opportunities to practice skills.

Program Features

Active Learning, Not Passive Viewing

Your child will practice the skills during the live sessions and work with experienced facilitators.

Learn with a Cohort of Peers

Your child will not be alone and will not just be a number. You will get to know your cohort and make friends for life.

Accountability and Feedback

Your child will receive immediate and specific constructive feedback on their learning path.

Access to Exclusive Resources

Your child will tap into a wealth of programs, events, and internships for alumni provided for the SpringUP Learner.

Live Projects and Assignments

Your child will be practically applying skills through projects and assignments.

Multiple Mediums of Learning

Uses multiple mediums like art, music, narrations, movement and more to keep learning engaging.

It is a very beautiful program. I can see so much difference in the way Shrihan speaks and expresses himself. I feel that when we were their age we couldn't have done that. The credit goes to you all-the way for the way you've collaborated with these children and worked with them. Shrihan enjoys the sessions so much that now we are just waiting for the next session to start.

Erra Kavitha

Mother of Dhrupad Shrihan Erra (11)

I have been with SpringUP since its inception. I think every child who has joined this program has evolved. I have witnessed them grow into confident individuals who speak their minds and express themselves articulately. I think enrolling Aarya in this program was one of my best decisions. He has been growing and undergoing a lot of emotional changes and I think this program was just right for him. He practices the skills you teach the children in class in real life. I have enjoyed the journey with SpringUp for so long & continue to do so.

Sabitha Nanaiah Reddy

Mother of Aarya  (11) and Arna (9)

Kriti happily attends all her SpringUP classes and for me, that's a big plus! The class material and curriculum are well-thought-of and executed. I also love the coping strategies that you teach children. As an adult, that is something I still struggle with, so watching Kriti use it was great! I think it's been a great learning experience for her and for us.

Anusha Dandapani

Mother of Kriti (8)

How do we do it?

Your child will be a part of 12 weeks of fun and practical learning. Our programs are designed for the children of today, helping them understand high-order thinking concepts in an experiential easy-to-learn format.

We engage the children in conversations, peer learning and immersive learning activities to push their caliber and help them explore their own self and build personalized skills based on their personality and environment.

12 Weeks

Once a Week

Live Sessions

90 min sessions

Small Batches

Spiral Learning Program

Practical Assignments

Individual Assessment Reports


Access to resource library

Collaborative Presentation

Parent Update Session


Each session is a well-designed experience that is interactive and intellectually stimulating. The skills, knowledge and resources in the program support learning that has a life-long impact.

Course Details  

Upcoming Batches

Mindful Leadership

Course Details  

  12 Weeks

  8-12 years old

  Starts in July

  Banjara Hills

  5:00pm to 6:30pm


Mindful Leadership

Course Details  

  12 Weeks

  8-12 years old

  Starts in July


  10:30am to 12:00pm


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