Our Parents SpeakUP for our Programs

Fantastic 10 weeks of learning and preparation for the children! Big thanks to the SpringUP Team for going above and beyond to shape all the children’s thoughts into something so meaningful and to bring them so far. It was so engaging and thoughtfully put together. I was a little apprehensive about moving to the online platform, but the team did really well. The many aspects of communication and articulation are covered very well. Thank you for your sessions and follow-ups.

Archana and Deepak Chivukula

Parents of Vivaan (9) & Meenakshi (6)

I have really enjoyed watching my child going through SpringUP’s programs. I really like the structure and approach of the program. I think these are very important skills even when you grow up and get to the corporate ladder. A lot of adults struggle with these skills. I think what really stands out is the journey and the experience each of the children have gone through and they all come out stronger from this. Thank you Anjali and the entire team. You know you all are amazing as always.

Sirisha Erra

Mother of Gauri (9)

I've been associated with SpringUP for the last four years. I still remember the first session where Ishaan was scared and insecure to attend the class. From there to seeing Ishaan talk about a topic on his own has got him a long way. So thank you Anjali and of course your team for your patience and most importantly handling every individual child and getting them into the curriculum and streamlining their thoughts. Thank you again inand congratulations!

Neelima Vuchi

Mother of Ishaan (8 ) & Nihal (6)

The SpringUP program recognizes each child to be unique & helps bring out the best in them. For me, Anjali is a mentor to my child, who with her knowledge & compassion is empowering children to deal with the social & emotional challenges in their lives that we adults fail to observe or acknowledge. I have seen my child grow through this enriching experience by using the examples taught in this program in her daily life. It has helped her identify & express her feelings & emotions as well as regulate them accordingly. Feedback and suggestions from parents are valued. Thank you SpringUP for your undeterred commitment to our children.

Vidhi Gupta

Mother of Nirvi (9 yrs) & Amay (7)

To know that it is alright to feel what they feel and also learn how to deal with the feeling in a conscious manner is the greatest gift we can give our children. ‘Leading with Stories' does just that. The program teaches every child to honor themselves and thereby honor their fellow beings and surroundings. All these are taught through a very interactive and expressive environment. The highlight is that Learning happens even without the children realizing it. It is a wonderful approach! Thank you so much for this conscious effort and for helping us raise a generation of conscious global citizens.

Seethalakshmi Kakaraparthy

Mother of Sadhana (6)

SpringUP programs are definitely one of the best things that I have chosen for my kids and for us as parents too. These programs have helped them understand the various aspects of emotions, listen to different perspectives, and understand the self. They have built confidence and a never give up attitude. It makes them think and act with empathy! The programs are beautifully designed and facilitated. How they connect it to current and real-life situations is wonderful. Kudos to Anjali and the SpringUP team for all that you do with so much passion. Only the best with the right mindset is part of this amazing team. We are looking forward to continuing the journey!

Ranjeetha Dheeraj

Mother of Dhairya (12) & Darsh (7)

It is a very beautiful program. I can see so much difference in the way Shrihan speaks and expresses himself. I feel that when we were their age we couldn't have done that. The credit goes to you all-the way for the way you've collaborated with these children and worked with them. Shrihan enjoys the sessions so much that now we are just waiting for the next session to start.

Erra Kavitha

Mother of Dhrupad Shrihan Erra (11)

I have been with SpringUP since its inception. I think every child who has joined this program has evolved. I have witnessed them grow into confident individuals who speak their minds and express themselves articulately. Enrolling Aarya in this program was one of my best decisions. He has been growing and undergoing a lot of emotional changes and I think this program was just right for him. He practices the skills you teach in class in real life. I have enjoyed the journey with SpringUP & continue to do so.

Sabitha Nanaiah Reddy

Mother of Aarya (11) and Arna (9)

Kriti happily attends all her SpringUP classes and for me, that's a big plus! The class material and curriculum are well-thought-of and executed. I also love the coping strategies that you teach children. As an adult, that is something I still struggle with, so watching Kriti use it was great! I think it's been a great learning experience for her and for us.

Anusha Dandapani

Mother of Kriti (8)

SpringUP has played a key role in my daughter Moksha's emotional well-being. What impresses me is the beautifully curated courses, well-crafted activities, specificity of outcomes, and a flawless execution. Thank you SpringUP , Anjali, and the team for doing what you do. You are helping nurture wonderful human beings and that's laudable!

Sudha Bonsor

Mother of Moksha (9)

Children at SpringUP up are fortunate. Their parents even more so. SpringUP's capacity to drive the well-needed points home is commendable. Lifetime learning is getting done with so much fun. Everything seems so colorful and joyful, but the subtle skills being taught are to be cherished and treasured. Looking forward to such life-changing programs for us adults too

Meenakshi Subramaniam

Mother of Anupama (12)

Thank you Anjali and Team SpringUP for enriching my child's life with such wonderful experiences that she will always treasure and cherish. There is always such a lot of thought and effort that goes into every program. Thank you for taking so much care and looking into every aspect of the program. Thank you for what you do.

Suchitra Madan

Mother of Dhriti (12)

At SpringUP, children experience the joy of learning. It’s not just about how much they have learnt, it’s about the fun and joy experienced during the process.
The structure of the program and guidance for children is great. In fact, when I speak, I can tell you that most of the parents feel the same way. The sessions were interactive and practical, as it always is with SpringUP. It is definitely a learning experience not just for the kids, but the parents too.

Sowmya Chirravuri

Mother of Yashaswi (12)

What you are teaching is probably the foundation of all that kids would need in their future. You see many smart kids going out of schools and colleges but aren't resilient enough due to the lack of such exposure and this kind of education that they usually don't get in schools. Thank you SpringUP Leadership and Anjali for such an awesome curriculum and the way you impart these skills and knowledge is unparalleled. Thank you so much!

Jatin And Priya Chaudhary

Parents of Viyona (8)

SpringUP has some of the best curated and inspiring programs for young minds. Thank you SpringUP for making our children more self-aware, resilient and igniting their curiosity. We are happy to see the confidence and awareness in our children increase with every session. The Peer Work, especially, teaches a lot. It has always been a great experience with SpringUP. You have seamlessly moved from the physical space to the online platform.

Sudheer And Aparna Joginpally

Parents of Rishva (12) & Akshara (9)

Just Awesome! My daughter waits for the classes and loves listening to the interesting narrations and doing the activities! The sessions are super focused on emotional well-being and much more. These skills are so important in every child's early years.


Mother of Aadya (6)

This is a wonderful program and my daughter enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the narrations and the follow-up activities. This is a really nice way to make children aware of their emotions and others' emotions as well. They learned about their feelings and learned to recognize them, which I feel is the need of the hour. Thank you, Anjali for the wonderful sessions!

Farhana Ahmed

Mother of Khadija (6)

The skills that are taught by SpringUP are skills that are necessary for every child. This skills development program has made parenting easy. A parent can peek into these key points to handle their child’s emotional and social behavioral issues. I'm a big fan of SpringUP and the programs. Thank you so much SpringUP.


Mother of Vennela (6)

Thanks a lot to Team SpringUP. Sometimes we wonder whether the children are able to understand the depth of concepts that they are being introduced to. But we have really seen a lot of difference in Panyashree. She's able to understand the concepts that she's being taught in her SpringUP classes. Also, the confidence that we have seen in these children is really amazing.

Sreekrishna and Suseela

Parents of Panyashree (9)

My 8-year-old child Avanthika has been working with SpringUP for the past 3 years. She has completed almost all the Programs. I can see tremendous progress in her thinking, oracy, communication, her self-awareness, and ability to understand and express herself. SpringUP has the best program structure for Social-Emotional Learning. My child feels that her abilities and interests are identified, mentored, and appreciated! I appreciate how you work with the individual strengths of each child. She has the best mentor. Feeling Thankful.

Aarathi Dinesh

Mother of Avanthika (9)

SpringUP creates wonderful enriching experiences for kids. The workshops are very well organized in terms of thought as well as execution. Kids are taken through an amazing journey and there are meaningful takeaways of life lessons from each session. SpringUP certainly contributes in a big way, in shaping children and our future society as balanced individuals. Anjali is the ultimate life coach for kids. The value addition that you make to these kids' lives is so precious! Thank you!

Sirisree Dayanand

Mother of Dhruvika (10)

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