Leadership Voice

The Leadership Voice is a social and oracy skills program. It helps your child to think and articulate their thoughts with effective speaking and listening skills in individual and group settings.

Help your children find their voice

Your child has a higher chance of excelling in school, having better relationships, and managing their emotions when they are able to not just understand but also communicate and articulate their thoughts and feelings.

Communication is the key to having better experiences.

Leadership voice helps your child  find their voice and express their ideas in any social setting.  

Children's ability to think, ideate, and communicate helps them at home, at school, and in life. From being able to make friends to being assertive and empathetic, to being able to communicate million-dollar ideas; all of these need children to be able to understand how thoughts work, how their feelings affect their thoughts and actions, and how they can communicate better.

Leadership Voice helps your child do that.

Program Features

Active Learning, Not Passive Viewing

Your child will practice the skills during the live sessions and work with experienced facilitators.

Learn with a Cohort of Peers

Your child will not be alone and will not just be a number. You will get to know your cohort and make friends for life.

Accountability and Feedback

Your child will receive immediate and specific constructive feedback on their learning path.

Access to Exclusive Resources

Your child will tap into a wealth of programs, events, and internships for alumni provided for the SpringUP Learner.

Live Projects and Assignments

Your child will be practically applying skills through projects and assignments.

Multiple Mediums of Learning

Uses multiple mediums like art, music, narrations, movement and more to keep learning engaging.

I want to thank the SpringUP team for making this possible on an online platform. I've been associated with SpringUP for almost 4-5 years and I thought it wasn't possible to do what you do in an online format, but you have done it! I think it's great that you introduce children to skills that they've not done in school. They get this platform to learn concepts and thinking structures they aren't familiar with. I have seen that there is a huge boost in my daughter's self-confidence to express her views and attitudes since the past few years.

Kanti Reddy

Mother of Krisha (12) & Dheera (9)

Very well structured content and a very well facilitated program; much needed for kids to be ready for the real world. Veda is just 10 years old, and I see a lot of other kids in that age group here. Thank you very much SpringUP for really hitting on the area of child growth, and transforming their lives from such a young age, and walking them through those prime years. Really good work by the SpingUP team!

Prashanth Chintapalli

Father of Veda (10)

SpringUP has been really a spring up for my son Karthik. We have seen a huge transformation from a shy and non-expressive child to an assertive and vocal person. The clarity of thought and expression was evidently seen after every week. Every session is meticulously planned and every child is given equal attention and priority. My child feels safe expressing himself. Karthik always felt his opinion was valued and had the courage to open up without hesitation within the classroom. He applied this courage that he gained to real-life scenarios too.

Santhi Punugu

Parent of Karthik (8)

How do we do it?

Your child will be a part of 10 weeks of fun and interactive learning. Our programs are designed for the children of today. We optimize the teaching and learning process to create lasting results for your child.

We engage the children in conversations, peer learning, and stimulating activities to push their caliber and help them find their voice.

10 Weeks

Live Sessions

Small Batches

90 minute sessions

Experiential Learning

1-1 session with Facilitator

Collaborative Learning

3 Levels of Learning


End of Course SEL Report

Interaction with Experts

Parent Update Session

Final Presentation of skills


This 3 Level program builds foundational to advanced oracy skills.

Level 1 - Helps find your voice

Level 2 - Helps give your Idea a voice

Level 3 - Helps find your voice in a group

Level 1

Level 1 is for children who want to work on basic communication and social skills.

Course Details  

Level 2

Level 2 is for children who understand the basics and have completed Level 1. This is a Project-Based Learning Program (PBL).

Course Details  

Level 3

Level 3 helps children express themselves articulately and empathetically to make themselves heard in groups with different dynamics.

Course Details  

Upcoming Batches

Leadership Voice

Level 1

Course Details  

  10 Weeks

  8-12 years old

  Starts in June

₹8,000 ₹6,999

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