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Explore our captivating learning modules designed to be both fun, educational, and engaging. Bond with your little one while acquiring new skills together!

These are short video and activity-based, self-paced modules that allow your child to learn at their own pace. These engaging videos ensure that your child learns essential social-emotional skills by just following the facilitator.

 Join Maya, Amay and SpringER on a fun learning journey as they unveil the power of Social Emotional Learning.

Self Control

Imagine if the brain were a person! 🧠 What happens when we spend excessive time in front of screens? Is self-control something we can learn? 🤔

This session teaches your child skills to self-regulate and work on impulses, especially with screen time.


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Join Maya on her journey as she discovers why her friends avoid playing with her. Could exploring respect be the key to restoring their friendship? 🙌

This session teaches your child what respect practically looks and sounds like and why they need to use it.


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Feeling shy? Wondering how to overcome it? 🙊 Join Amay as he shares his struggles with new people and experiences. Uncover the strategies to conquer the Shy Monster!💪

This session teaches your child skills to deal with shyness in themselves or be empathetic towards a shy friend.


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Ever wondered how Maya and Amay cope when things don't go as planned? Find out how they navigate through the challenges of a bad mood! 😔

This session teaches your child how to deal with a bad mood and choose their thoughts and emotions.

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Appreciating Others

Curious about Amay's reaction when Maya outshines him? 🏆 Does he need to overcome sibling rivalry? Could it be the work of the Jealous Bug? 🐛 

This session teaches your child what to do when they feel Jealous and to appreciate themselves and others.


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Bundle Courses

In this bundle, you'll find all 5 videos listed here including  Self Control, Respect, Shyness, Moods, and Appreciating Others.


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