Responsible Decision Making

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Responsible Decision Making By Team SpringUP | 4min read Responsible decision making is the ability to make effective choices after considering the consequences of our actions. It includes our personal and social choices for our individual and collective well-being. Ability to evaluate the risks, be...

Relationship Skills

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Relationship Skills By Team SpringUP | 4min read Humans are social beings. Think of the people you are closest to – your partner, your child, best friends. Now imagine a life without them. Doesn’t seem so colorful anymore, isn’t it? Building relationships with people around you is essential. While i...

Social Awareness

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Social Awareness By Team SpringUP | 5min read Social awareness is a social intelligence competency that encompasses skills like empathy, sympathy and acceptance. We learn to take others’ perspectives into consideration while interacting with them. It is something we continue to hone through our adul...

Self Management

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Self Management By Team SpringUP | 5min read Self-Management is built on the base of Self-Awareness. It is the act of managing our feelings and attitudes across different situations for optimum utilisation of resources. The ability to acknowledge and control our emotions makes us efficient. To be em...

Self Awareness

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Self Awareness By Team SpringUP | 6min read The beauty of Social Emotional Learning is that it begins the journey with the self. Helping children understand and build skills to write their own story is a power that stays with them and can not be taken away from them. As the old saying goes, “You can...

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