Leading with Stories Level 1 - Tuesdays

Leading with Stories Level 1 [Part A] - Tuesdays

Language: English

Instructors: SpringUP Leadership


Teaching children social emotional skills early on equips them for life.

It helps children self regulate, navigate difficult emotions and build coping mechanisms that will better prepare them for academic learning and social relationships in the classroom, family and outside in the community.

This 2 - Level program starts with Self Awareness and Social Awareness skills in Level 1 and goes on to teach children Self Management and Responsible Choice Making in Level 2 of the program. The program teaches every child to lead from within.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

'I Know How To Be' Series (4 sessions)

Module 1 focuses on laying foundation and starting conversations on the basics of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. The module works on: What does Listening look like? What does Sharing make you feel? Is it OK not to share? What would respect look and feel like? And a conversation starter on Relationships - What does a good Friendship look like? 

Module 2

'Voice & Expression' Series (4 sessions)

Does how you use your voice and communication skills contribute to your relationships? What does interruption look like? What is tattling? How does voice and volume work? What does your tone say?

Module 2 focuses on helping your child work with the basics of their social skills to communicate better and build good self regulation skills that contribute to better relationships and self control.

Module 3

'I Have Many Feelings’' Series (5 sessions)

In Module 3, our core module, your child will work with 4 primary emotions and understand how emotions work, what triggers their emotions and learn basic coping skills. This module helps them to understand their feelings and how to communicate them.

Module 4

'It is OK to be Different’' Series (4 sessions)

Module 4, delves into understanding themselves and people around them. This module helps children explore and communicate their own strengths and weaknesses, teaches them to handle competition and understand the diversity around them. It also explores inclusion - accepting differences, perceptions and diverse points of view.

Module 5

'I Care About People Around Me’' Series (4 sessions)

Module 5, introduces and begins to work on social awareness, empathy and the concept of individuality. We start with the family. Are your parents individuals too? How do you feel about their work? What happens when your grandparents get old? What do you do when you don't agree with your friend? All this and more . . .

Module 6

'When I Step into Your Shoes’' Series (4 sessions)

Module 5, focuses on Empathy and being able to work with others from a palace of shared understanding. It helps children understand how their actions affect others and how different people have different needs and preferences. It helps open their mind and be willing to work with others.

Bonus Sessions
  • 2 Review sessions for children - Mid Program and End of Program
  • 1 Parent Update sessions - Mid Program
  • 1 Parent Child Creativity Workshop & Parent Update Session - End of Program

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